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Just when I wouldn't be able to afford a new one, I think this desktop PC is starting to completely flake out. It first started with webcams crashing the computer suddenly about three months ago, only if I tried using Skype or MSN. Then, if I was deleting a lot of stuff at one time, I'd get an error message every few seconds saying, "Error 0x80090017: Provider type not identified"... with a reboot solving that problem. I did a complete restore on the computer a couple of months ago, using the original Vista disc, then applying all the updates again.

The problems STILL persist, even after applying a bios and video card update also. A few times, a NEW problem has cropped up. The computer will just "freeze" for about 30 seconds, can't move the curser or do ANYTHING, then it will go back to normal.

Since I've fully restored the operating system, I can only assume there is a hardware issue somewhere. If so, this desktop will have started having troubles earlier than any I have owned before... and it's only about 3½ years old!
Tags: computer, hardware, problems

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