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Sometimes I wonder about that kid...

Apparently Andrew's attention span is a LOT shorter than I thought it was. The vehicle in the picture above belongs to the mother of one of Andrew's friends. She knocked on the door a while ago, asking if Andrew was ready to go with them. First I had heard of that, but if I had known about it, I wouldn't have objected. She said they had talked to Andrew just last night about going somewhere, and Andrew told them he would be awake and ready to go.

Well, I got up several times last night to go to the bathroom (too much coffee and tea during the day), and each time, I heard noise in his room, the latest was around 6:30am this morning, meaning he stayed up ALL night again, as he has been doing since school let out for the summer. So, I told his friends mother that he was apparently up all night, and was currently still in bed asleep. She didn't seem at all happy about that, since she made a special trip to come pick him up. Told her it might be best to call first from now on (IF she even bothers to take Andrew with them again after this).

Sometime in the next few days, my mom is supposed to take Andrew on a two day excursion to Avery Island, because he wants to see the plant where they manufacture Tabasco Sauce (they have tours). Hopefully he will remember THAT, and not sleep through his opportunity to go! I'll be sticking around here, to watch after her cat, and make sure I don't miss out if a job offer calls.
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