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FTP issues

Since about 1:25pm central this afternoon, I've been unable to FTP anything to my website, including the still webcam images. I know when things stopped uploading by the timestamp on the last images uploaded. The error messages from Webcam32 and FireFTP were:

200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
227 Entering Passive Mode
522 Disk full - please upload later

Talked twice to customer reps at Bluehost, letting them know I haven't had these problems before, in all the months I've been with their company. The second person seemed more knowlegable than the first, and offered this explaination:

"It appears that one of the partitions on the server that you are on is currently getting filled up too quickly. We are currently migrating a couple different accounts to different partitions to make room on this partition. We apologize for the inconvenience associated with this problem."

Of course, any technical "server talk" is greek to me, so this mostly goes right over my head. All I know is it might take a few hours for them to get things fixed, from the time estimate. And I know I'm not responsible for filling the partition, because only the last uploaded cam images are saved on their end, and written over when the new image goes up. All images are saved on the hard drive on MY computer. Gotta give them kudos on fast response though... back when I was with Yahoo Webhosting, I could never find ANYONE to talk to directly!
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