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Getting Cooler...

After a hot, sweaty night, I called "Bell Heating and Air" this morning, informed them of the problem with the air unit. Luckily, they sent someone out about an hour after I called. As I suspected, from where the burning smell was originating, the motor for the fan in the inside part of the unit was going out. Less than an hour later, cool air was once again flowing in the house...

Bad thing, however, the technician said we could have left the air running, even with the burning smell, because the unit has breakers that would go off before anything major could happen. He said he's been in the business 29 years, and never saw one of those fan motors start a fire. Still glad I kept the unit off anyway... because there is always a first time for ANYTHING!

Glad it's fixed... not even noon yet, and already getting extremely unpleasant outside...

Tags: air, repair, weather

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