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Hot Time In The Ol' Town Tonight!

Came into the computer room to check for new emails, smelled a burning smell. Sniffed around the PC tower, smell wasn't originating from there. Traced the smell to the closet (in the same room) where the indoor part of the central air unit is located. Smell appears to be coming from the fan.

To be on the safe side, figured it best to turn the unit off, until I can call the repair folks in the morning to have them examine it. After turning the unit off, the smell has dissipated. So tonight, looks like Andrew and I will have to open windows, run box fans full blast, and still sweat a lot! It's 9:14pm, current temperature 86° F (30° C)... with humidity factored in, the "feels like" temp is 97° F(36° C).
Tags: air conditioning, fubar, hot, weather

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