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Well, I'm lost...

Even after reformatting the PC, starting from scratch, the computer is still BSOD'ing when I attempt to use a webcam with MSN Messenger or Skype. I've tried using the webcam company drivers, uninstalling them and using the Windows native drivers, running the cam through WebcamMax/Manycam, running the cam alone without those programs, all with the exact same results... blue screen pops up, any audio playing gets stuck in an annoying stuttering loop, then the computer restarts. Works fine going through Webcam32 or streaming through Justin TV however. I'm at a total loss for anything else to try. The problem didn't start until about 2½ months ago, no problems with the system before then. Currently don't have Skype installed as a result. If I want to conference with someone, I'll have to start up the laptop I guess.
Tags: bsod, computer, messengers, webcams

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