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Yesterdays Check-up

Everything went fairly well at my twice-yearly check-up for my blood pressure. Lab work the week before looked good, cholesterol and sugar levels good. Only thing I got fussed at by the doctor about was my weight. Don't have any scales here at the house, so only time I get weighed is during doctor visits. Last visit 6 months ago, they had my weight at 211. This time, it was 231. Doctor told me I need to take up walking or something to trim the weight down. The 20 pound weight gain explains why I had to make a trip to Kohl's recently to get some bigger pants!

Got med refill prescriptions also, which is good, since I would have been out in four days. Took the new prescriptions to the pharmacy in Brookshire's Grocery, where I do all my grocery shopping now, and got set up there to do all my pharmacy business from now on, since I refuse to ever set foot in a Wal-Mart ever again!

At the clinic yesterday, I was talking to a lady in central registration about how Wal-Mart let me go for missing "too many days" when I had the flu. She said she was well aware of Wal-Marts stupidity when it comes to not wanting to let employees fully recover from illnesses before returning to work. She said she had a friend who was let go after having to take time off because of a miscarriage. I mean, THAT is low... someone goes through something as tramatic as that, then the employer gives her walking papers! Told my mom about that, yet she still doesn't plan on stopping shopping there! Shopping there is the same as supporting bad employer ethics!
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