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Well, that was a waste of time...

The other evening, I finally got to the two 3-D shorts on the most recent "Three Stooges" DVD collection. Even with the supplied cardboard glasses, they looked TERRIBLE! Blurry as heck, three times darker... just glad the 2-D versions of those two shorts are on the discs also! I have never seen 3-D on television that actually works... and I'm NOT buying a 3-D TV when they hit the market... who wants to watch TV wearing uncomfortable glasses all the time anyway! Nothing wrong with 2-D!

In other news, since getting the flat panel LCD early last year, I've been watching most of my older DVDs stretched to fit the screen. Well, I've read enough articles by audio/video experts since then to convince me it is okay to watch them in their original 4:3 format. They say the "burn-in" issues were solved on LCD TVs a few years ago.
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