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At the suggestion of the house foundation people that replaced the floors and leveled up the back part of the house recently, I had someone come out and remove the insulation that was tacked up under the floors in the front of the house, because they said the insulation could absorb moisture and cause the wood to rot. My dad had put that insulation there back in the late 70's/early 80's.

The job was done day before yesterday. Yesterday, my mom tried to call me several times, yet I never heard the phone ring. I was in the livingroom watching TV. She came over, said she was trying to call, and the answering machine wouldn't even pick up. I checked the phone in the living room, and sure enough, it was dead as a doornail. The other phones in the house, as well as the internet, were working fine however (can't hear the other phones ring if I'm in the livingroom).

So... I go outside and open the junction box for the phones. One wire was amiss. I come back inside, remove the wall plate in the livingroom... a wire was still connected to it... but just a partial wire... only about 10". Turns out, the workers removing the insulation CUT the dang blamed wire! To fix something like that, I'd either have to call ATT and get charged out the cahoona to have the wire replaced, or climb under the house myself and replace the wire... and with my claustrophobia... THAT is a negative!

Anywho, I've decided to go as cheap as I can to resolve the problem. Having a phone in the livingroom is easy, just carry the handset from the one in here beside the computer with me if I'm going to be in the room a long length of time. However, the satellite receiver has to be connected to a phone line at all times (otherwise they are liable to turn it off), so I'm going to run to Home Depot a little later this morning, buy a three-way line splitter, about 50 feet of phone wire, and just string the wire from in here beside the computer, into the livingroom. I can tack it up on the wall beside the ethernet cable I already have running into the room for the Blu-ray player. It will look tacky, but it'll work, and if the outside line coming to the jack in the computer room ever needs replacing, it'll be an easy job. It runs along and through the outside of the outer wall, so no climbing under the house required for it! I ran that wire myself and put in the jack when I decided to turn this room into a "computer room", since there wasn't a jack in here already.
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