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Friday Follies

Went to Best Buy yesterday afternoon and picked up Andrew's laptop. Can't remember offhand if I had mentioned he had cracked the screen a couple of weeks ago, and the screen no longer functioned properly... in case I didn't, mentioning it again. Anywho, it's working fine again, and I'm glad I invested in that $99 one-year "damage warranty" on it... because if we had to pay for the screen replacement, it would have been $145.87! The warranty has already paid for itself. Best Buy called back earlier today, and said they forgot to give us back a CD that was in the drive. Andrew hasn't said anything about missing a CD, but I'll ask him when he gets in from school. If he is missing a CD, mom said she'd run him over there tomorrow to pick it up.

The school nurse prescribed Andrew some antibiotics, allergy, and asthma medicine yesterday. First time he's had to take asthma medicine in over two years. Set up an appointment with his regular doctor at the clinic also, per advice from the nurse.

My uncle will be by sometime in the next week to work on straightening the other two outer doors on the house. He replaced the back door a couple of weeks ago. The other two doors are still in good shape, but have gotten out of alignment over the years, making them difficult to shut. I wouldn't even attempt to try a project like that myself. Every time I've tried to do any kind of construction work, I've only made matters worse!

Had to replace a brake light bulb on the Ranger yesterday. At least that is ONE thing I can do without screwing something up!

Discovered the other day that some trolls were holding conversations in my chat room, including one pretending to be the ex-wife. Reported that one to the Jtv staff, since part of the terms of service state you can't impersonate someone you aren't. I'm positive they are the same ones that have been pestering me for a few months. Doesn't matter much anyway though, since I'm never in that chat... I just use the streaming embed sometimes on my site, and generally keep the camera feed out of the Jtv directory by default. I tried using a program that allows you to put streaming video (sans audio) on a site using a java applet, but just couldn't get the darn thing configured right, and gave up.

Going to be another rainy weekend in northeast Louisiana again. Been cloudy all day so far, and according to radar, the mess is moving in.

Probably spend the remainder of the evening relaxing in my comfy recliner, sipping some cold drinks, and trying to catch up on my backlog of unwatched DVDs. Would probably have caught up way before now, if I'd stop going back and re-watching some of my older stuff!
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