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Thursday the 15th... Ramblings

Up early once again. Waiting for my uncle to show up to put a new outside door in the kitchen, the old door has slowly been deteriorating for a few years now. Put off doing anything yesterday morning waiting for him, only to have mom tell me around 1pm that he called her the day before, and said he wouldn't be here till today. She apparently told Andrew to relay the message, but he didn't do it, so yesterday was pretty much a "wasted day" as a result. If I knew the first thing about hanging and trimming doors, I could have done it myself... but anytime I try to do anything having to do with carpentry, I screw things up so bad, have to call someone who knows what they are doing to fix it. I'm by NO means a "handyman"...

Testing has been going on at Andrew's school this week, and he's been home around noon as a result, thus breaking any kind of free time I'd have to myself, to concentrate on starting to rebuild my website. Bought some $99 website builder software with my tax refund, to redesign everything, because most of the pages were made with Yahoo Sitebuilder, which I had to go through and delete proprietary code to get it to even work when I switched to Bluehost. I know verrrry little about HTML to begin with, and if I have to edit any of the current pages, it's a pain in the posterior! I've had the new software installed on the PC nearly a month now, and what with job hunting (mostly in the mornings), all the construction on the house lately, and not being able to concentrate when Andrew is here (because he's in and out of this room every 10 minutes or so when he's here, showing me things on his laptop I have no interest in, like games), I haven't even had a chance to even look at the menus and controls on the program! So, if I ever do get around to using it, the first few hours will probably be figuring the program out!

Also, Andrew sold his 4-wheeler to his girlfriends older brother. He was getting too big for the thing anyway, and there was no practical place for him to ride it here either. Still don't know what moms old boyfriend Larry was thinking, when he bought the thing for him! Andrew used some of the money and bought a "pay as you go" cellphone. Until he finds a part time job (he's looking), don't know how he plans to purchase the monthly fee after this first month is up, because neither I or his grandmother are going to spend money on it. After all, we've done just fine all this time without a cellphone, he didn't really need one either!

Local post office, according to the news, is expecting a last minute rush of people mailing tax returns. Why people wait till the last minute is beyond me! Haven't done my state taxes yet, but Louisiana's deadline is a month later than the federal.
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