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Trolls still lurking

Those trolls (or troll) have been sending requests to follow me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook a few times the past couple of days. I automatically block them... for two reasons... I don't know who they are, and there is a commonality between them all... the name "pheco" pops up more than once. When the trolling was at its heaviest, that name popped up a few times over IM's wanting to be added to my contact list. I've done a couple of Google searches, and found posts in online forums with the name, and most of the posts are denouncing my website and myself. This person is either the ring leader, or is just a single obsessed guy with no life who is pretending to be several people. The name has a Twitter account, and is mostly filled with racist hate speech. On some forum posts, he/she/it is listed as "Pheco Thompson". Only two Google entries on that exact name appear, both petetions to ban people from IRC chat rooms... and I know the troll(s) know hacks into IRC, because thet are able to change their original IP on a whim, thus sneaking past being banned.

Well, enough ranting for now... going to apply for a couple of jobs, then do a bit of grocery shopping...bbl...
Tags: google, investigation, trolls

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