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They just don't give up, do they?

Woke up this morning to an email message from a Facebook friend, asking had I started a new account page, because she got a Friend Request with my name on it. I sent her a reply, stating that, no, I hadn't started a new page.

Further down in my emails, there was a Friend Request from "Albert Sims" on Facebook. Clicked the profile link, it was a sparsely filled out page and a picture of me sitting in front of the computer, taken from the webcam, as the profile picture. Also, some of my Facebook friends had already approved that person.

I immediately reported that profile to Facebook abuse, letting them know it was someone pretending to be me. I then sent messages to ALL my Facebook friends, letting them know that I haven't started a new profile page, and to ignore any friend requests from me that doesn't link to the page I sent the message from. Last I checked, the fake profile no longer existed.

In other news, the DSL is still working this morning, but the phone is still deader than a hammer, no dial tone, just a low hum, yet the display on all the phones in the house says "Line in Use". Monday morning, I was given a timeline for repair by 4pm today. Waiting around the house in case ATT shows up. Bad day to be repairing phones... looks like some serious rain on its way. I NEVER had this much trouble with the phone and internet until AFTER AT&T took over BellSouth. I really miss BellSouth...
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