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Meowwwww....Oh, shut up already! I need sleep!

HAD to sleep on the couch last night... bed was dissected yesterday when the workers started on the bedroom. They aren't finished yet, so the bed wasn't re-assembled. Eastwood is still persistant in wanting out of the living room, no matter what I do to try to quiet him down. There are still a few open spots in the floors of the bedroom and kitchen, so letting him roam the house is a no-go until the work is completed.

I'll need to ensure the work crew is aware about the door leading from the "computer room" to the bedroom also. The layer of wood that has been applied to the floor is a bit thicker than the old layer was, thus rendering the door un-openable. If they don't fix that problem, I'll be having to take the "long way around" to get to the kitchen and bedroom.

Had to take a really "loongg way around" this morning to get to the kitchen to get Eastwoods food and my blood pressure pills. The what I call "den area" is packed with furniture from the two rooms being worked on, and can't walk through there at ALL... and since I can't open the computer room door, I had to go out the front door, walk around to the back of the house, and enter the kitchen through the back door!

The workers are supposed to return this morning. Hopefully they will get the job completed today. It was supposed to be a two day job... this will be day three. IF they finiish today, I probably won't bother starting to clean the sawdust off the kitchen counters until tomorrow morning. This lack of good sleep the past two nights has my ass dragging the ground!
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