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Groggy beyond belief

Because of all the foundation work going on in the rear of the house, I've been keeping Eastwood locked in the living room the past couple of days. He hasn't been a "happy camper" needless to say... wanting out of the room. He gets in those "howling-meowing" fits at times and paws at the door. Last night, I thought if I stayed in the room with him, slept on the sofa, he'd stay calm. Well, he acted just as he would if I were no where around! I probably got about three hours sleep at the most as a result. Couldn't let him roam the house last night. Because the workers left a large open spot in the floor only covered with a piece of plastic, he could have easily gotten outside. Went ahead, because of Eastwood's noise, and got up at 4:30am this morning. No matter what I did would get him to calm down... not even giving him some cat treats. He finally went quiet a couple of hours later, I think because he tired out. He hasn't even touched his "breakfast" yet. The workers got here a little after 8am to resume their work. Once the noise started, Eastwood started doing what he did while they were here yesterday... staying crouched down in the tight space between the sofa and the wall.

Main reason I'm not falling asleep in this chair is because the work they are currently doing is right on the other side of the door to this room... sawing and ripping out the bedroom floor, putting in new support beams, and replacing the floor. As of typing this post, this is the progress on the bedroom...

The re-leveling of the rear of the house and replacing the floors was supposed to be a two-day job. I hope it is, for both mine AND Eastwood's sake... me to get some sleep, Eastwood to get peace of mind! After this part of the job is completed, need to go early next week and find someone to put linoleum down in both rooms, since all the company doing the work now does is the structural work.

Oh, and it seems the cable leading to the "Kitchen Cam" has become disconnected. When the crew goes on their lunch break, I'll track down the problem, since the cable takes a short detour through the bedroom.
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