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House Leveling

Expecting people from a local foundation repair company here sometime today. Getting the back part of the house leveled (as much as it CAN be leveled after years of settling), and getting the majority of the floor replaced.

When my dad decided to build on to the house in the late 1960's, he neglected to put in any fill dirt, neglected to place concrete under the cinder blocks, AND placed the cinder blocks the "wrong way"... the holes in the blocks go up and down, not sideways as they should have. Dad was by no means a "carpenter", although he thought himself to be one. As a result of the mistakes he made, the part of the house he added (the bigger kitchen and bigger bedroom) has gotten in pathetic shape over the years. The back of the house has been slowly sinking, and as a result of the way he put insulation under the floor (roll insulation held up with chicken wire stapled to the beams), the insulation has been holding in moisture, causing sections of the floor to rot from underneath.

Yesterday, I moved as much as I could from both those back rooms (ran out of room to put stuff in the front of the house... computer room is full of boxes from the back closet). The contractor said they can work around the kitchen cabinets, but will have to move the bar in the kitchen. They will be doing the floor in sections, so the furniture can just be moved over until a section is finished. After they finish the work, will have to get someone else to put down some new linoleum.

All this will be costing a small fortune, but it needs to be done, before the house gets in worse condition and decides to cave in or something! I'll try to keep the back room cams running, in case anyone wants to see what progress is being made inside the house, once they get to that stage.
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