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Jobs, jobs, jobs... But WHERE?!?...And other ramblings...

Between yesterday and this morning, I've applied for work at seven places, re-applied at three that I've applied at earlier. Gunna keep persisting until someone calls me to work, even if it starts out part-time. This being home most of the time is driving me kind of nuts!

I'm all for the health reform bill. I haven't had health insurance in over 13 years, because it has been totally unaffordable. I'm just glad I'm at the income level to where my son and I can use the state university affiliated hospital for free... just don't get my meds free or discounted though. Couldn't get company insurance when I was at Wal-Mart either... for TWO reasons... one: As long as I was there, they never classified me as "full-time", even though I worked full time hours (I nagged to them about that several times, to no avail)... and two: Even IF I could have gotten onto their insurance, I wouldn't be able to afford to get it deducted from my check, because it was a little over $200 every two weeks... and I was only making around $900/month after taxes, so we'd have had to cut back on a LOT, including food! Anyone that is against health reform, as I've said earlier, is either in a job to where they can afford the high fees the insurance companies charge, or they are in the pockets of the insurance companies! My mom is also against it, but she's a Republican, and she's apparently let their propaganda get into her head. I've tended to vote "Independent" and "third party" the past twenty or so years...because I like being "different".

Got a third load of laundry in the wash... got another pot of coffee brewing... took the trash out to the "curb"... it's a nice day out... would open some windows, but someone is burning something outside somewhere, and the smokey smell is leaking into the house already... would need a smoke mask if I opened the windows.
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