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About ready to give up...

Andrew came in here earlier this morning, saying his girlfriends brother and he were going to push his non-running 4-wheeler over to his girlfriends house so her brother could fix it. I told him "No", because those things aren't allowed on public roadways. He snapped back, saying "That's only if you're driving them." I replied, "No, that means they aren't supposed to be on the road in ANY form!" and that he wasn't going to push it there. I told him, if he didn't believe me about the laws, go next door and ask his grandmother.

He goes to his grandmothers, says nothing to me after returning, except "You need to get off your butt and clean the house!". I nearly jumped out of this chair to jack-slap him. Instead, told him he needed to shut up while he was ahead. He went to his room. I sat here trying to catch my breath and stop my heart beating ninety to nothing. I swear, every time he does shit like that, I feel like I'm about to have a heart attack, because the room starts to spin a bit also. Verifying to me that the onset of my blood pressure problems coincided with his appearance here.

Later, I hear the front door close. I assumed he was going to his grandmothers again. Turns out I was mistaken. I get a call from mom asking what Andrew was doing with the 4-wheeler in the yard. I tell her I didn't know, but he had wanted to push the thing to his girlfriends house so her brother (who has been in and out of trouble with the law) could "fix it". I go look around the house, no sign of Andrew OR the 4-wheeler.

Then' I decide to check the still images stored from the camera in the front window. Here's what I found...

Note in the second picture, you see the 4-wheeler ON the road. The boy did what both I AND his grandmother told him NOT to do! We tried calling his girlfriends house, but the number we had was no longer valid. I finally just said, "Screw it!", because you can't tell that hard headed kid ANYTHING, everything goes in one ear, and out the other! Both me and mom think we'll just let him get into trouble, which is apparently what he wants (starting to understand why his mother didn't want him around anymore). We've done everything we can do to help him since he's been here, and he turns his back on us still.

Told him law enforcement could impound the 4-wheeler, then he'd NEVER get it back, because neither his grandmother OR I would pay to get it back. We wouldn't be out anything anyway. My moms old boyfriend Larry Cole bought the confounded thing for him, let Larry pay to get it out if it gets impounded! But then again, the sheriff's department here is only around when you DON'T need them, not when you would actually like to see them doing their job!

Since the boy has refused to listen to us for any length of time since arriving here in 2006, maybe a run-in with the law will convince him! Nothing else my mom or I can do!
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