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Delays and Renewals

Went out this morning to cash in a Louisiana state "Lotto" ticket (matched 4 numbers, won $52) and buy more tickets for tomorrow nights drawing. After that, went by the post office to get a money order (they're charging $1.10 for the farkin' things now!) and a book of stamps. Then, finally, went by "Captain D's Seafood" and bought a large fish dinner.

On the way home, there was a freggin' train stopped dead on the tracks at the Thomas Road crossing. Traffic backed up for miles! Train didn't start moving again for 23 minutes! Needless to say, by the time I got home, my fish dinner was no longer hot... more like "luke warm".

After getting home and eating, I decided I'd better renew some of my online things before they expired. Sooo... I renewed my "" subscription for another 6 months, my web hosting service for another 3 months, and my domain name for another 2 years.

Got a notice in the mail from the doctor. My six-month blood pressure checkup has been postponed from March 15 to May 18. Bad thing is, I'll need to call the doctor before then to have her call in a refill on my meds. Only have enough to last till the end of next month! One of the pitfalls of having to use a state-run clinic I guess.
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