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Yet ANOTHER dreary, rainy day...

In other news, while out job hunting yesterday, I picked up more videos to keep me entertained for a while. Bought "I Love Lucy: The Complete Series" at Target (194 episodes, 37 DVDs). Went to Best Buy to see if they had the DVD of the 1979 TV-movie "Elvis" starring Kurt Russell, they were sold out, but they special ordered it, and it'll be shipped to the house in a few days. Also, while there, picked up two Blu-ray discs... the James Bond movie "Moonraker" (it was on sale for $12.99), and a "double feature" disc containing two Chevy Chase movies, "Funny Farm" and "Spies Like Us". It'll probably take me a couple of years to watch all the Lucy episodes!

Also stopped by Petsmart (because it was right next door to Best Buy) to pick Eastwood up some "Fancy Feast" and some cat treats. Lucked out there... when I was being checked out, the guy at the register asked if I'd like a "cat toy gift stocking". It was originally supposed to go to the local cat shelter, but he said they never came by to pick it up. Since it was being offered free of charge, I said "Sure!", and he put it in the bag. According to the label on it, it had a $9.99 retail value. After getting home, I divided the toys up, gave half to Eastwood, and half to moms cat next door. Both cats are enjoying the new playthings.

In a few minutes, I'm going to run up to Taco Bell. Those new shrimp tacos have me curious, so going to get a couple to try them, maybe along with a "Mexican Pizza" and a "Burrito Supreme". I know that kind of food isn't good for my blood pressure, but then again, I've never been much of a health nut... :-P
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