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End of the week ramblings...OR Yesterday In Review

Went yesterday on my annual excursion to get the Ranger inspected. Got it "inspected" at the same place I've gotten it inspected the past three years. The reason "inspected" is in quotes, is because the guy there never really "inspects" the vehicle... he just writes down my insurance, license, and registration info, takes my $10, and removes the old sticker from the window, and puts the new sticker on. Then I'm free to go.

Also got the bi-weekly grocery shopping done. Spent $175 at "Brookshire's". While there, I picked up some Powerball and Louisiana Lottery "quick pics". Powerball is up to $76 million, Louisiana up to $1 million. I'd be happy with either!

Had to pick the son up from school yesterday afternoon, but it was only because he was afraid to ride the bus home. He started feeling a bit queasy after lunch. He said a girl in his class actually threw up after lunch. They both had pizza in the cafeteria. Later in the day he started feeling better though, after taking some Pepto, and went to school this morning. I'm wondering if it might have been a light case of food poisoning.

Yesterday evening, I relaxed in front of the TV, trying to catch up on my backlog of TV viewing. Watched a few more episodes of season 4 of "All In The Family", and the movie "All The King's Men" (the original 1949 Broderick Crawford version).

Planning on staying in today if possible, unless a job offer calls. Going to be yet another rainy day here in northeast Louisiana. :-(
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