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Monday Morning Rambles

While going through and updating all my online job applications with the new phone number, I'm sitting here having lots of coffee and listening to Bill Handel on KFI's stream.

Finally went to the IRS website to check the status of my Federal refund. According to their website, there was an adjustment made, so the amount I'm supposidly getting back is different than what the free online tax form at the H & R Block website came up with. Not complainin' however, the new amount is a little over $200 more than the previous amount! Supposed to be mailed out February 26th.

Giving the bulk of the refund to mom, since she has been a huge help since Wal-Fart gave me the boot. Going to get a few "luxuries" though. Plan on getting a new router, buying my first laptop (Andrew got one for his last birthday), paying my credit card down a bit, and upgrading the Dish Network to receive HD channels, because the current standard-def receivers look like ass on the HDTV I bought with the previous tax refund!

Not sure what I'm going to do about my slob of a son. Went into his room to change the linens on his bed this morning after he left for school. Found 11 Dr. Pepper cans, with varying amounts of Dr. Pepper in them, sitting in various places around the room. Even with two trash cans in his room, there were three empty Kleenex boxes on the floor, and a few used tissues here and there. A still sealed bag of chicken strips from the grocery store deli on the floor, halfway UNDER his bed. Tried everything I know, since he's been here, to get him to keep his room clean, nothing seems to work. He probably gets that from all those years he was with his slob of a mother. You'd think he'd want to be better than she is!

That off again, on again sharp pain in my left leg returned last night... first time in over 4 months. Gave up seeing doctors about it ages ago... they've x-rayed, can't find anything wrong. If it is the same as it usually is, I'll be limping around three or four days, then the pain will disappear again for a while. Also, I've had a pain over my right eye all weekend, mainly when I turn my head. Aspirin is a no-go to fix it. Sucks gettin' old.
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