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Thursday Randomness

Really thinking my router is on its "last legs", so to speak. Internet keeps dropping off, but goes back to normal if I unplug the router, then plug it back in. Will use some of my tax refund to invest in a new one, hopefully that will solve the drop-off problems.

Going around to all the places I've applied for jobs at online, changing the contact number I originally gave them.

Freggin' news is yapping about Tiger Woods all the time again. I got sick of hearing about him the FIRST time around! Who the fark CARES?!?

A group of those "tea baggers" are having a meeting Saturday, right down the road from my house, in the lodge by the lake. Can only hope the building collapses on their loony asses!

Woke up this morning sweating buckets... the boy had apparently jacked the heat up sometime during the night. Thermostat was hoovering near 90° F! Gas bill will be gignormous!

Be wary if you Twitter using anything that posts your location, there is a website that accumulates all that data.
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