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He's pissed again...

As you may know from Tuesdays post, Andrew was out of school until today with a light case of strep throat. Well, yesterday morning, he asks can he go to his girlfriends house, because she needed "help" with stuff because supposidly her grandmother ran over her foot and broke it, therefore, she wasn't in school either, and her mother and grandmother were at work. I told him a direct "NO!", because if he was feeling well enough to go to her house, he might as well get dressed and ready for school, because I was taking him there instead. Besides, IF his girlfriend really does have a "broken foot", last thing she would need is strep throat on top of that.

Well, then the "pissiness" starts. He then asks could he go see her this weekend. Well, I told him he really needs to stay out of the weather as much as possible for the next few days, since he is sick, and still on antibiotics, so the answer was again "NO!". Then he started whining that he wouldn't be able to go see her the following weekend, because she was going out of town. I told him, "Looks like you'll be skipping a couple of weeks then!". After I said that, he "blew up", and stormed off to his room.

Later in the evening, he comes in here with the phone in his hand and says "My girlfriend has something she wants to ask you." I tell him, "Just tell me what she wants to ask, I'll give you the answer to give to her." He then gets snitty again, says, "Nevermind", and storms out of the room. So, as my hunch must have been correct, it was probably something stupid, trying to get around the things I told him earlier in the day. He is very sly about trying to manipulate people to try to get things his way. Think he must of gotten that from his sorry-assed mother, because she used to try that shit with me also.

Way later, the girlfriend calls the house, around 10:30pm. I tell her no more calls after 10pm, because Andrew stays up too late as it is on school nights. As soon as I say that, he throws a tantrum, starts crying, and disappears to his room for the rest of the night.

He has GOT to realize, as long as he is under this roof, he will go by MY rules, or suffer the consequences. Next time I see his councelor, I'm going to tell him about the above incidents, to see if HE can knock some logic in the kids head! Didn't sleep well last night, think my blood pressure was on the rise again, because, even though I took my medication before going to bed, my heart was pounding so much, thought it was going to burst out of my chest.
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