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Random "not much to report" report...

Andrew had the day off school today. Had a dentist appointment at 10:15am, and since that is the middle of the school day, couldn't see him attending.

Been getting a lot of those "Your computer is INFECTED! Click THIS LINK to repair!" messages over Skype the past couple of days. Might have to lock Skype down to only people on my list... even though there are only three people on my list so far.

It's been pissing rain ALL day again. Getting tired of all this moisture... the yard is almost the consistency of quicksand!

Got sleepy around mid-afternoon, took a three-hour nap. Didn't want to sleep too long, I'd be waking up at 2am if I did!

Watched the Blu-ray last night of "Gone With The Wind" I picked up yesterday. Looks like it could have been filmed yesterday, as clear as the picture is! Got a second disc in the set to watch eventually, full of bonus features, including the documentary "The Making of a Legend: Gone With the Wind", which I recorded off TCM on VHS ages ago. Only bad thing about the "Gone With The Wind" box, it has a DVD version of the documentary "MGM: When The Lion Roared", which was also in the "Wizard of Oz" Blu-ray set I bought recently... so now I have TWO copies of that! But the box also has a small hardcover book with pictures from the film, a CD soundtrack sampler disc, copies of Western Union telegrams sent by the studio and producers while the movie was in production, a reprint of the original "program" handed out at the premiere, and some postcards with paintings of various buildings in the film.

Had a "healthy" dinner... three hot dogs.

In my previous post about TV aspect ratios, I was using a DVD of "The Benny Hill Show" to illustrate, and "Hill's Angel" Louise English was on the screen. Had a "thing" for that woman as far back in the early 1980's, when I first saw Benny Hill on HBO. I still think she looks fantastic... but then again, she is only 3 years older than I am!

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