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Blah "Hump Day" Post

Been feeling craptastic for two days now... eyes watering, nose running, headache... all I feel like doing is sleeping. Might think about seeing a doctor if not better in a couple of days.

Woke up this morning sweating profusely, but it wasn't from not feeling well... the son had turned up the heat sometime overnight, and the thermostat was up around 90F! He said he got cold last night. Checked his room... no wonder he got cold... the ceiling vent was closed! Duh!

Just knocked 10 "followers" off Twitter... some spammers, some trolls. The trolls had laid low a few days, but are starting back again. Their parents must be out of town, and they are skipping school. Had forgotten to set the password on my chat room the other evening, and the next morning, I found one lurking there. Immediately kicked and banned the idiot (not that it will help, if Dan was right, and they are using something called "bounce servers"). This morning, had a private message on the chat server from the moron, inviting me to another room, named similar to mine. Thinking of making a report to the owners of the IRC server. A friend the other day asked me, "Why don't you just take your website offline?". I'm NOT going to do that. Not going to let a few teenage losers with no life get the better of me! If they are adults, they never grew out of the 5 year old mentality level.

Mom was going to see my ailing uncle again yesterday, but he is in the hospital, having to be restrained, so she decided to put off the visit a while, hoping he will get to where he is more to himself. My cousin said he was skipping his meds, and the doctor thinks the fighting he is doing with everyone might be medicine withdrawl symptons.

Congrats to sabatoa and the new member of the family!
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