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No WONDER I have HBP...

This will be a two paragraph "rambling rant"... The son came in from school today still griping, even though I tried giving him a lot of the facts mentioned earlier in the previous post. Also, he keeps swearing the main high school has a class for "special needs" students (he goes to OPAC-Ouachita Parish Alternative Center), yet both the principal and councelor from Riser Middle School and his councelor through Cognitive Development Center say that the high school has no such thing, and he is at his current school to learn a "trade", to try and make it in the real world, because with his short attention span, he'd never make it at the high school. Besides, when I went to the high school in my teen years, even though I was in regular classes, I was picked on to no end by the other kids, so I can imagine what he'd go through! I agree with the attention deficit diagnoses, because no matter HOW much I nag him, he STILL just throws his dirty clothes on the floor instead of in the hamper, and leaves dirty dishes in his room, instead of taking them to the kitchen. Still think, at the rate he's going, he's going to wind up like his Uncle Scott, who last I heard is STILL in Angola serving a 60 year sentence.

My other "rambling rant"... Turned on the local news at 5pm this afternoon on KNOE-TV8... what do I get? NO ACTUAL NEWS!!! Lead "story"... Saints to the Super Bowl! Sorry "so called news folk", but sports AIN'T NEWS!!! Stick that shit at the end of the newscast with the rest of the sports where it belongs! I immediately turned the TV off and came in here to where I have the computer! AND... as for you, KTVE-NBC 10, while I'm ranting... get some decent studio cameras, and a CONSTANT volume level, and I just might start watching YOUR local news again! The Jay Leno lead-in had nothing to do with me not watching your local news since earlier last year... it's your CRAPPY quality! ALSO... a local radio station to rant at... LA105-FM... I really like your station, but I turn it off when a freckin' high school football game is on instead of my classic rock! Make up your minds!! Are you a classic rock station, or a freggin' sports station?!? If I cared a stinkin' cuss about "local football", I'd go to the freggin' game!
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