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Andrew got mad yesterday afternoon because his girlfriends mom offered to come pick him up and drive him to school on some mornings, and I told him "No, you're taking the bus."

He "dated" this girl one time before, and they had a falling out, I think because he was visiting her far too often and wearing out his welcome, so to speak. She was apparently the one that called and wanted to get back together with him. For that reason, and a couple of others I can think of, THAT is why I told him he'd still have to take the bus to school. The other two reasons, 1.) If the girls mom had an accident on the way to the school, and Andrew got hurt, there would definetely be "ill will", because I'd be suing for any and all damages. 2.)If he missed too many days not catching the bus in the mornings, the driver would probably quit stopping here altogether.

Last night, he threatened to move out on his 17th birthday, and move in with her. Right...good luck with that! He said an online friend told him he could "legally" move out at age 17. Well, according to state law (which I looked up earlier today), a minor cannot be legally emancipated in the state of Louisiana until age 18, unless it is proven in court the minor has been being abused or what have you. Also, if it is found the minor is lying to the court, they can be locked up in a juvenile facility.

I told him that the girls mom wouldn't want to feed and clothe him AND her daughter. He said he'd get a job. Good luck with that also. You have to stay in school in this state until you are 18, or get a "General Education Diploma", and even then, with the economy the way it is, you just can't run out and get a job at the snap of a finger! I've been looking over two months myself!

Both my mom and I informed him yesterday, that as long as he is here, he can't do just whatever he wants... he has to abide by the rules WE give him. If he keeps acting up, he will probably wind up in a juvenile facility before he hits 18 anyway. Also, we both informed him, if he moves out before he is prepared to make it on his own, he will be "on his own", in the literal sense... because he won't be welcome back here... if he finds himself with nowhere to stay, he can go find his mother again!
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