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Friday Randomness

Mom and Uncle Barrett left early this morning to visit ailing Uncle Bill in Mississippi. He still has to be on oxygen, and mom said last time they visited, he wasn't looking well at all, and his eyes looked like they were sunk back in his head a bit... but he was still coherent, and doing things for himself. The outlook is a bit grim though.

The other night, during the heavy thunderstorms, Andrew came in here with his laptop and said if the power goes out, his laptop would be good for another 2½ hours. I neglected to mention to him, however, if the power went out, the modem and router would be out also. He'd be very limited in what he'd be able to do with the laptop.

You can tell I got a bit bored this afternoon... went to Twitter, and searched the names of LiveJournal and Facebook friends, to see how many I might have missed that have Twitter accounts. Found a few, and followed them, but most either have never made a "tweet", or haven't updated in quite some time.

Found an interesting website in one of the forums at Broadband Reports... you can look up who was the Playboy Playmate of the Month in the month and year you were born. Link to the site is HERE(NSFW). Apparently, Lannie Balcom(Link NSFW) was Playmate of the Month in August 1965. I ain't complainin'! Didn't post the image here directly, because these posts cross over to Facebook, and I think their TOS frowns on nudity.

Finally, because of the late-night talk show fiasco, the NBC Network has changed their Peacock logo to something more appropriate...

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