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"Hump Day" Randomness

Well, I'm awake, and the son just got on the bus. The other kind of "sun" isn't expected to be out much today however, severe thunderstorms in the forecast.

Why is it that most of the ladies I've met that I think I would get along the best with since the divorce are all online, and live too far away for me to do anything about?

Filled out another six job applications yesterday morning. Still haven't heard from any of the other places I've applied at... the economy... and Wal-Mart... SUCKS!

Why do people knock on my door asking questions I have no clue about? Back when the house next door was empty, people would knock on my door asking did I own it, and was it for rent. Yesterday afternoon a woman knocks on the door asking if I own the land BEHIND my house, which used to be wooded before someone started hauling dirt and gravel from back there. She said she was curious because she noticed someone staking off parts of it recently, and wanted to know if it was for sale. Told her I had no clue WHO owned it. Almost asked her if she saw someone staking off parts of it, why didn't she ask HIM?!?

Well, enough rambling for the moment... about to hop in the shower, and by the time I'm out, the pot of coffee I started brewing should be ready for consumption...
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