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Damn Trolls...

The trolls invaded my website chat room again this evening, ironically after I mentioned trolls in an earlier journal post TODAY. Except this time, since the children without adult supervision are aware of my website and journal, invaded the channel on I was watching tonight, under the name "kelli_sims". I spotted that a mile away, so told the mods in the channel I was in, since them, and the channel owner, know me by now. The channel owner threatened to ban if they kept up the snarky remarks, then the person left. Also, I sent an abuse report to Jtv, explaining the person was acting like someone they aren't.

Damn hard trying to keep a "public" website up, and weeding out trolls at the same time! Anyone else have these problems?

UPDATE: Decided to "password" the chat room on my website, as suggested by a friend in Leo Laporte's chat room. Only people I know will get the password. If anyone wants the password, send an email to request it. If I don't recognise you, you will NOT be emailed the password!
Tags: justintv, trolls, webcam

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