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TRYING to get better organized...

Being the one shelving unit I had dedicated to storing DVDs was getting overloaded (having to stack DVDs in FRONT of other DVDs... where you had to dig for DVDs sometimes), I decided to weed through my VHS tapes, and box up the ones I've repurchased on DVD, to attempt to gain more shelf space.

Well, I managed to clear off two shelves on the big bookshelf, and was able to put most of my "TV series DVDs" on those shelves. Acquired quite a lot of extra space boxing up just the entire "Are You Being Served?", "Get Smart" and "Soap" series cassettes, which combined, were over 60 tapes!

I now can see the DVDs to the rear of the smaller shelving unit, but still need to do more arranging to attempt to get the remaining few stacked in the front out of the way. Being it took nearly three hours to get the result I have done, I figured I'll work on it again tomorrow.

One advantage of moving stuff off both bookcases, I was able to dust under the tapes/discs for the first time in years! (Yes, I suck at house cleaning!)
Tags: cleaning, dvd, organization, storage

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