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Update On Rambo

After staying under the bed in my bedroom most of the day yesterday, the cat finally came out last night to investigate what I was eating, but after seeing what it was, guess he lost interest and just started roaming the house (guess cats don't like tamales). I think he is SLOWLY getting adjusted to life here. :-)

If he came out yesterday, he did it when I went for a blood pressure checkup at the doctor's yesterday(which, for some reason, it's been staying within normal levels since I decided to leave McDonalds-course could be the medication I guess). I also finally got around to putting in my application at KMart and WalMart, taking the suggestion of the doctors AND my mother and friends and relatives-to try my best to get out of fast food! But if I don't hear from a job soon, I won't have any choice BUT to try another fast food restaurant!

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