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New Year's Randomness

If I'm gonna spend so much time in front of this computer, I REALLY need a more comfy desk chair!

Didn't bother making any resolutions this year... nothing ever comes from them anyway... same bad luck as usual. Even dozed off before the stroke of midnight last night.

Got a scratch on my left leg... the cat was in one of his hyper moods (full moon perhaps?), and attacked me out of the blue!

Andrew lost ALL track of time during his school holidays... he thought he was out of school next week also. Broke the news to him as gently as I could that school starts back Monday. Think he's been spending too much time in his room with his new Xbox 360.

Took down my "Charlie Brown Xmas Tree" this morning, put it back in the box, and stored it in the closet until next year. I like that tree... very little decorating involved! Just a solitary red ball. Anyone find it ironic, however, that the Charlie Brown Xmas special was giving out the message how the "commercialization" of Xmas was getting out of hand, yet now Walgreen's are selling plastic Charlie Brown Xmas trees??

Speaking of "red balls"... in the TMI Dept. Not sure what is causing it, but I've been getting random "horny spells" all afternoon... and haven't been looking at anything I'd consider "racy". Apart from going to my usual sites all afternoon... Fark, Twitter, LiveJournal, Facebook, DVD Talk, and Broadband Reports... I've been popping in ocassionally to a friends webcam in Maine, and watching a snowfall, since I doubt we'll get any major snow here in Louisiana this year. Reckon it might be some of the blood pressure meds? Or the cough syrup I'm taking for the onset of what I think might be a sinus infection? Or just the fact that it's been over 13 years now?

Explained to my Maine friend earlier a bit more in detail about my webcam setup. She wanted to know how much it cost, but I don't have an exact "dollar" estimate, since the webcams were accumulated over a period of YEARS... oldest webcam still in use is the Intel PC Pro in the kitchen, which I bought in 2000, and is no longer manufactured. Come to think of it, there are TWO aspects of my webcam setup that are now defunct... that cam, and "Webcam32", the software I upload still images every 20 seconds to my website with. I'm just amazed the Intel cam and the "Webcam32" software (which hadn't really been updated since 2002 or so) still work in Vista! I do remember, however, what "inspired" me to start the webcam thing... Jennifer Ringley of "Jennicam" fame (just Google "Jennicam" if you're not sure who she was).
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