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Xmas Randomness

Mom fixed Xmas dinner for the boy and I. Chicken and dressing, sweet pea salad, deviled eggs, broccoli and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, and sweet potato pie. Yum yum!

I think my sons new Xbox is sucking up more bandwidth than his PS3... my internet connection is lagging terribly this evening. After he connected the Xbox to the router, a "mystery computer" started showing up in my computers "network list"...called "samantha-pc". Neither my son nor I have figured out WTF that is, or where it came from! Any ideas??

For the second night in a row, idiots close by (think it's coming from around the sheriff's department rifle range, which is about half a mile from the house) have been popping off firecrackers and other exploding things. Sounds like a freggin' war zone here!

Normally I'd be having some strong drinks at this time, but didn't buy anything yesterday... and today all the stores were closed. So, it's been either iced tea or Diet Pepsi tonight. If the internet stays as "barren" as it is right now for much longer, I'll probably hit the sack early anyway.

Tags: drinks, firecrackers, food, holidays, internet, mom

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