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Random Thought

I really wish AT&T would get something better than 6Mbps DSL out here in the boonies where I live. Andrew just went online on his PS3 with one of his online friends, and as soon as he did, the live "This Week in Tech" video stream on my computer started sputtering like Porky Pig! Might need to shut something down temporarily I guess. What is running currently:

1. This Week in Tech video stream
2. Five webcams, one screen cap software, all uploading every 20 seconds or so, one streaming
3. Andrew's PS3 game
4. Andrew's laptop computer, with who knows WHAT running on it
5. XChat IRC (for the This Week in Tech chat)
6. Trillian Astra chat client

This house probably uses more bandwidth in one day than the rest of the houses on this road use combined in one WEEK(lots of non-techy rednecks in this area)! AT&T probably hates me as a result...
Tags: att, bandwidth, dsl, random, streaming

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