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I just don't know...

Got a call from Andrew's first period school teacher a while ago. He hasn't gotten into any trouble (thank goodness), but he's refusing to do any work in her class. Might explain his grades since starting at the new school. If he doesn't start straightening up by after the Xmas holidays, both my mom and I are going to remove the PS3 and laptop computer from him until the end of the school year... they'll be kept at her place.

Both my mom and I have done everything in our power to try to get him straightened out, to make sure he makes it through school, but at the rate he's going, looks like he may completely flunk out, not getting a diploma or GED of any kind. IF he does that, I'm letting him know, in no uncertain terms, that once he turns 18, he's not going to stay around here leeching off me indefinitely. He'll have to find somewhere else to live... maybe go back to his mom.

With this high blood pressure... I don't need the extra freggin' stress!
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