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Another Wal-Mart Employee Gone...A Rant!

Even though I refuse to ever set foot in another Wal-Mart again because of their sick leave policies (which lead to my dismissal), my mom still refuses to STOP shopping there, because she says, "Well, they're the CHEAPEST on everything!". She was there Wednesday to get her prescriptions refilled, and said there was yet another, what I call a "Memorial Table", at the entrance, with a picture of another employee that had passed away. According to mom, the employee was only in her late 40's.

There were several employee deaths during the time I worked there, most under age 60, and most were long-time workers. I definitely blame Wal-Mart's sick leave policies for those deaths. The employees are afraid to take over 6 days off in a 6 month period, for fear of termination. I took off as long as the doctor told me to when I had the flu, because I consider my health more important than ANY job. When I returned to work, they were NOT interested in my excuse from the hospital emergency room, which is why they let me go.

Don't be fooled when you hear Wal-Mart say they care about their employees. They DON'T! They try to weed out the longer term employees in order to hire new people in their place for the lowest wage, and when they hire new people, they work them 40 hours a week, yet still classify them as "part time" employees, in order to not give them full health and vacation benefits. From my observation, their two main ways of weeding out older employees are terminating them for a minor mistake, or "killing them off"!
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