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Tuesday Randomness

Andrew told me the other day that his laptop makes his lap a bit "too hot", and wants a small table to set beside the bed to put it on, soo...maybe tomorrow, if it isn't raining cats and dogs like it is today, I'll run over to Target and see about getting him one of those folding TV trays to put it on. My Uncle Barrett uses one to set his on, so it should be fine. After he got home from school yesterday afternoon, I took him to "Fred's", "Dollar General", and "Family Dollar" (all nearby stores), but none of them had any TV trays.

Update on the "Snow what?" post from Dec.4th... we did get a bit of snow, but it was so light falling, it didn't show up much on the cam pointed out the window. The image below was from when it was falling the heaviest, and you still can't hardly see it...

Mom hasn't been feeling well again. Her stomach has been paining a bit, she's been running a bit of fever... but she said she is some better this morning, so she is putting off going to the doctor a little longer. Brought her mail over to her house earlier, she was taking a nap, so I let myself in and sat the mail on her kitchen table, then went outside and put her garbage on the "curb" (no real "curbs" out here, so the cans just go on this side of the ditch by the road), so she wouldn't have to get out on this cold, rainy day to do it.

Just downloaded another batch of "old radio shows" to listen to from RUSC. I've been a fan of old radio since my early teens, when I first stumbled across it, checking cassettes out of the local library, then later ordering several on LPs from a now defunct company called "Radio Yesteryear". A lot of those shows are more entertaining than anything on the television today.
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