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Random "technical" question...

Okay, ever since first getting into computers, I've always relied on the factory "restore discs" when reformatting a computer. When I bought this computer early last year, I went ahead and bought a full version of Vista Home Premium to install over the version pre-loaded on it, to eliminate all the HP "crapware", using the product key on the Vista install disc.

My son is getting a laptop for his birthday today, and he's giving the "hand-me-down" computer I gave him last year back to me, which was also pre-loaded and reformatted with "restore discs" when I gave it to him, also running Vista Home Premium.

Thinking of reformatting it again, using it in the living room for webcam uploading, possibly watching some video on the big screen from time to time... to milk as much life out of the thing as I can.

My question, for my fellow "geeks" out there... can I use my existing full version of Vista Home Premium to format that older computer (to avoid the crapware HP puts on those restore discs), and just put in the product key that is on the sticker on the side of the computer case?? Bueller?? Bueller??
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