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Random Things

Got a call from "Brookshire's" grocery store this morning... just returned from a drug screening (had to wee in a cup). Should hear something within 4-6 days.

Got a letter in the mail this morning addressed to the ex-wife from a collection agency. Tore it up, threw it away. Biatch hasn't lived here since 1996! We've been officially divorced since May 1997, so I am in NO WAY responsible for any debts she is accumulating. My name was nowhere on the letter though, just my address. I'm guessing she gave this address to whomever she borrowed money from, then skipped out on it.

"Eastwood" checked out okay at his vet appointment yesterday, and got those fur lumps shaved off that were on his back. He has one rather large "bald patch" at the moment as a result. As usual, the liquid deworm medicine they give him every year went more on the doctor than down his throat. He always puts up a fight with that stuff. The vaccinations don't seem to bother him as much. This year, however, since most of the deworm medicine was elsewhere, instead of INSIDE the cat, the vet dodn't charge for it this time. So, the total for everything was only $45.00.
Also, since last year, the vet has put up a website, with lots of details about the business and the doctors.

Mom called, said my Uncle Bill(one of her brothers) has been found to have a large tumor in his lung. They are going to do a biopsy today, I think she said. He got over mouth cancer about a decade ago. Lost my Uncle David to cancer a few years ago.

Since it's rainy, cold, and dreary today, think I'm going to just goof off around the house today. Leo Laporte will be recording some podcasts live later this afternoon, so I'll probably watch some of that.
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