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Friday the 13th

Well, Andrew had some bad luck this morning. He was getting good at getting up and catching the bus on his own... until today. He overslept, missed the bus. I've gotten too complacent I guess, by not waking up to make sure he's up and ready for school. That will change starting Monday morning, being I had to get up and drive him to the school.

I broke a glass washing dishes this morning... either I'm getting clumsy in my old age, or this IS a "bad luck" day!

Since I don't job search on weekends (places are usually too busy to talk to you I've found in the past), thought it'd be nice to "put down" a few drinks this evening, but totally out of Evan Williams... gonna make a trip to the store up the road immediately after "This Week in Fun" is over and rectify that problem!
Tags: bourbon, dishes, luck, thirteenth, whoopie

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