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Eventually, I may have to eliminate, or do away with altogether, the "interactive" parts of my website. Been having to delete so many "troll" comments lately on the "Guestbook" page, I finally just deleted the code that embedded the guestbook. In the chatroom(IRC based, but a Flash client on the site), which I'm assuming are the same trolls, since they are saying basically the same things, I've banned people over and over, but since they are using a "protected host", it's kind of hard to keep them banned.

Can't delete the entire "Guestbook" page yet however, then the link in the index will be COMPLETELY "dead"... got enough dead links on my site already! Haven't had the time (or the patience) yet to start the site redesign, which needs to be done so the pages can be edited in a "wysiwyg" editor (the old Yahoo Shitbuilder code, even after trying to clean it up, still goes wonky in any other editor). May start using the default Bluehost page creator, redesigning every page from scratch, sometime in the near future, but it is VERY limited, so my site will look more amateurish than before...

Leaving this post out in the open, just so I can say to the trolls responsible... "KISS MY ASS!!! YOUR MOM NEEDS TO BAN YOUR INTERNET PRIVILEGES!!"

/needs to learn to code one of these years... then use Notepad++...
//rant over... for the moment anywho...
Tags: asshats, design, guestbook, rant, trolls, webhosts

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