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Screw You Wal-Mart!

I haven't bothered to mention this until today, but as of Monday, I was out of a job again. Got called into the office right after clocking in Monday, was told I was terminated. The reason: missing too many days in the past six months. They mainly cited the total of 11 days I took off recently with the flu. As I've stated on this journal in the past, Crap-Mart wants employees to come in to work even if they are at "death's door" (probably why, during my stay at the job, three employees died!). I wasn't going to risk the flu turning into pneumonia by going into that dairy cooler!

They had me contact the doctor while I was out, to have him fax them a "leave of absence" form, but they said the doctor didn't put on the form the exact date I was going to return to work. Even a doctor can't predict something like that... and I had to go back to him TWICE before I completely got over the illness!

An old co-worker from my Burger King days, who is now an assistant manager at the local Chik-Fil-A, told me a few months ago that if things didn't work out at Crap-Mart, to come by and see her. Well, yesterday I did. Filled out a job application, which has to be approved by a district manager, but she said she will put in good words for me(and at least I'll know I'll have every Sunday off if hired there!). If I haven't heard anything by Monday... going to actively hit the old job search trail again... hitting the convenience and discount stores like "Fred's" and "Dollar General" first...

I've vowed to NEVER set as much as a toe inside of a Shit-Mart again!

UPDATE: Was looking up articles online about Shit-Mart's policies, came across THIS interesting read:"Wal-Mart's stingy sick-leave policy may contribute to swine flu's spread"...
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