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Okay, my mind appears to be on the blink. Got my electric bill today, and it was for two months, with a late fee added. Got to digging around on my desk, found last months bill still unopened! Also found a credit card bill that was due 9 days ago. What the heck is wrong with me lately? Can't seem to remember one second to the next! It's a wonder my power wasn't shut off!

Not realizing I had a couple of unpaid bills finally prompted me to clean a bunch of garbage off my desk. I can now see my right computer speaker for the first time in months!

In other news, had a message from the provider of the IRC chat I use on my website. A few people working for the organization apparently left it, so the name has been changed from "" to "". Sooo, I changed the setting in Xchat to reflect the new server, and did a little editing on the "streaming" page of my site, where I have the flash version of the chat embedded. Eventually, I'll need to go through the rest of my site and change some links also, but might not do it today though.
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