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Who do they think they're foolin'?

Been watching the "Balloon Boy" saga unfold the past couple of days. All I can say is, "What a load of crock!"

First of all, from the video footage shown on the news, that balloon would be incapable of getting far off the ground with a 60 pound boy inside. The balloon was too small, and obviously underinflated. Extra home movie footage, from "Inside Edition" shows the kid walking up to the camera with a big grin on his face, saying he's going inside the balloon. The footage also shows signs of being edited, before being given out to the news outlets, presumably by the family.

The dad calls the FAA first, followed by a local TV station, and only THEN do they call 911. Calling 911 FIRST would have been the smart thing to do, if they were truely worried, because law enforcement could have quickly wrangled up what was needed to go after the balloon.

The following day, they hit almost every talk show on TV. The kid tells Wolf Blitzer on CNN, he thought it was for "the show", the dad looking immediately agitated. The kid then throws up twice on national TV the next day... either stressed...or drugged, from the appearance of him.... and the family just "happens" to have a plastic bowl handy for him to up-chuck into.

The family was apparently on a TV show called "Wife Swap" recently, one of those "reality shows" I try to avoid like the plague, so my hunch is the dad organized all this as a publicity stunt, to get more TV airtime. It was also learned he pitched an idea to the TLC cable network for another reality show not long ago.

The Colorado sheriff that has been appearing on TV who says he doesn't think this is a sham, is either on drugs, or an attention whore himself! This whole thing just has the word HOAX written all over it!

Anyone thinks this is legit, I only have one question for them... "Want to buy the 'Ouachita Parish Court House'? I have the deed right here in my back pocket!"
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