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Home from work, etc...

After getting off work this afternoon, ran by the grocery store to pick up some food stuffs for the boy and I. Before that, however, I zipped across the river to the neighboring city of Monroe to the "Target" store to pick up the Blu-ray release of one of my favorite movies, the 70th Anniversary Remastered Edition of "The Wizard of Oz"...

You may well ask, why not buy it where I work, to get a discount. Well, "Wally World" only has what I call the "bling edition", which includes a book, a wrist watch, and a bunch of other crap I can't see paying for. "Target" on the other hand, has an exclusive Blu-ray set of JUST the discs... no "bling", and it was only $34.99. Worth the drive over there in my opinion.

Since there is no hurry to go to bed early this evening (off tomorrow), I'll be seeing how well the newly remastered Blu-ray compares to the multi-disc DVD set I bought a few years ago. Should be a noticable improvement, since I also have a newer TV now. A lot of the "bonus" material on the Blu set has been carried over from the previous DVD set though, except for the 6-hour documentary "MGM: When The Lion Roars", which I saw first on Turner Classic Movies, but wouldn't mind seeing again... and a movie about L. Frank Baum starring John Ritter called "The Dreamer of Oz", which I have yet to see for the first time.

Feel free to spy if you possibly here.
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