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He's done it to me again...

Instead of playing games this evening, Andrew came into the living room to watch some of the new "The IT Crowd" disc I bought. In the episode entitled "Are We Not Men?", the word "court" was mentioned, which prompted a thought to the boy. He had already said yesterday he might have to appear in court over the assault charge that prompted his 2-day suspension, and he gave me envelopes containing disciplinary sheets from the school... but there was one sheet... one major sheet...he hadn't shown me yet, with this header...

...which states, "I hearby acknowledge the receipt of this Summons and I understand that it is being issued in lieu of my being physically arrested. I also understand that a Warrant of Arrest may be later issued in place of this Summons. By accepting this Summons, I am not making any admission of guilt, but I do promise to appear at the place and time designated herein."

Okay, no date for a court appearance was mentioned, BUT it says the parent needs to contact a Juvenile District Attorney within 72 hours of the notice. Well, the write-up happened yesterday afternoon(Thursday)... I got the notice tonight(Friday) around 8:30pm. Tried calling the number, where I got a recorded message stating the offices were only open 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, and to call back then.

Do you suppose the notice takes in mind weekends, or do you think Andrew might be picked up after noon day after tomorrow? If so, nothing I can do, my hands are tied. Warned him time and time again to behave in school no matter WHAT occures... I never confronted anyone that picked on me in school, and I got picked on A LOT!!

Mom and several friends say it might be the best thing IF he gets picked up... might be the ONLY way he will understand the consequences of his actions. Sometimes, learning "the hard way" is the only way to learn... like to never marry someone unless you've known them longer than a year...
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