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How could I forget to update THIS??

If you may remember, in my September 22 post, I mentioned my mother was in the hospital with diverticulitis. The next day, I posted that she might be coming home that day. Well, fast forward to today, the 25th, and she is still in the hospital, still having pains, which they are giving her meds to control.

Doctor tells her there is a small rupture in her colon, and they are currently trying to treat it with antibiotics. If that doesn't work, they will have to go in and remove part of her colon. Doctor says it's a relatively simple procedure though, so no problems should arise.

I'm still going next door twice a day to check on her cat "Booger".

In other news, went back to work yesterday, even though still not feeling quite well myself with this flu. Woke up this morning coughing again, feeling like someone was sitting on my chest... so called to let work know I wasn't feeling well enough to come in. Going to try again tomorrow. I was feeling somewhat better when I went in yesterday, but by the end of the day, I felt like I'd been run over by an 18-wheeler. The antibiotics they prescribed seem to be taking their time to knock this stuff out!

Also, it seems most replies I get to my posts are coming from Facebook, once the post appears there, not from LiveJournal, where it was originally posted... and from people also on my LiveJournal friends lists. Also again, have noticed a huge slowdown of posts from people on LiveJournal. Are THAT many folks "abandoning" LJ for Facebook and Twitter?!?
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