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After a year at school without any major hiccups, Andrew has gotten a 2-day suspension at the new school. Discovered this after coming home from work this afternoon. Since the school he is in is an "alternative school", it has mostly students that have gotten in trouble for things in the past, so they don't take things lightly... like threats... even if it is just a spoken threat.

Andrew says the kids there in the math class keep picking on him. Both my mom and I have coached him over and over, until we are blue in the face, to go tell someone in authority if he is harassed... do not take things in your own hands. Well, yesterday, he told another kid, "If you don't stop, I'm going to kill you!". The Principal was willing to let that pass however, after Andrew spoke with the school councelor. Today, however, he apparently threw a hit at another student, which, being in an alternative school, now means Andrew has an assault charge, and will have to appear in court... don't have a date yet.

Needless to say...I...who is still trying to finish fighting off this flu bug, and trying to work NOT a "happy camper" right now after coming home to this news! I'll be willing to bet my onset of high blood pressure last year probably was largely contibuted to by the stress this kid is putting me through. He is going to wind up under lock and key at "LTI" (Louisiana Training Institute For Boys") if he doesn't try to control himself. His grandmother and I have told him this repeatedly... that if he goes there, he'll only see us on visiting days (maybe not even THEN if I'm scheduled to work), he won't have his TV or PS3, he won't be able to talk to his friends online, etc. But our talks just seem to go in one ear and out the other.

If only that retarded judge had given ME primary custody during the divorce, instead of handing him off to that trampy bitch, I don't think Andrew would be having ANY of the problems he is currently having. I blame the ex-bitch for everything that is wrong with the boy.
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